Day 15: Community Education Garden

It is 2nd January 2014, and we are all fresh from the just concluded year 2013. We thank God who enabled us to open up this educational garden and the children have returned renewed to work even harder in the New Year. Our French beans have been attacked by what our technical people have called a bean fly and this gives us an opportunity to fight this pest. We would like to engage all our readers to give us a way forward in this fight.


This morning we worked together in the plots that have plants with some large leaves. The activity was about taking a sample of 20 plants and count the number of leaves on each while recording down our data. It was interesting to see how the children take in instructions and start struggling to follow up with this activity. Of course the instructors had to take on one by one to see that they carry on the activity as required.




Later on in the day one of our volunteers, Sarah aged 14 years at Senior two will conduct a lesson to review the following concepts;

(a)    Recording information in a frequency table.

(b)   Calculating the modal number of leaves in a plot

(c)    Calculating the median

(d)   Calculating the average number of leaves in a plot.

This lesson will be recorded to be archived as one of our garden generated teaching resources. We shall then possibly compare two plots that were planted on the same day yet may have a difference in the growth rate and find possible reasons.

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