Explore and discover the vibrant community living in our eight exceptional dormitories, including Mary Stuart, Corby, Cox, Hutchinson, Kennedy, Kivebulaya, Rhoda Nsibambi, Sherborne and Ham and Apollo.

Dive into the unique culture and rich history that each dormitory brings to our campus life.


CorbyDormitory Quick Facts Built in 1960’s, Corby is the oldest dormitory in Gayaza High School….

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CoxDormitory Quick Facts Cox formerly called (Tulip Tree) is quite modern and is one of…

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Ham & Apollo

Ham Mukasa & Apollo KaggwaDormitory Quick Facts Ham & Apollo House, affectionately known as “Ham,”…

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HutchinsonDormitory Quick Facts Named after Sir Joseph and Lena Hutchinson, who were staff of Namulonge…

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KennedyDormitory Quick Facts Kennedy House built in 1964 is name in honour of John F….

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KivebulayaDormitory Quick Facts Home to the “Kivites” their house is named after Apollo Kivebulaya (1864-1933) who was…

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Rhoda Nsibambi

Rhoda NsibambiDormitory Quick Facts “Rhoda”, the home of “Rhodesians” is the newest dormitory on the…

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SherborneDormitory Quick Facts Sherborne House was named after Sherborne School for Girls in Dorset, UK,…

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