Fighting A Bean Fly Attack

Disease/pest Attack Record

Pest Name: Bean fly or bean stem maggot

Vector: Housefly


·         Yellow blotches on the leaves

·         Swelling and splitting of the stem

·         Development of adventitious roots due to reduced number of lateral roots

·          Maggots (yellow in color) and pupae (brown or black in color) can often be seen through the stem splits

·         Young seedlings and plants under stress wilt and die 


In on our gardens we do use Tafgor 40 E.C as an insecticide to control the pest but while reading some literature on the internet, some other measures are recommended and these include;

·         Planting early in the season since the pest numbers increase with the season

·         Provide favorable growing conditions to improve on plant vigor and enhance crop to insect attack

·         Avoid planting beans near cow pea or other leguminous plants

·         Earth up the soil to cover the roots 2-3 weeks after emergence

·         Use botanical extracts such as Neem

·         Remove plant residue and destroy all plant parts of the old season

·         Grow resistant bean varieties


Allen, D. J., Ampofo, J. K. O. and Wortmann, C. S. (1996).Pest, diseases and nutritional disorders of the common bean in Africa. A field guide. A CIAT/CTA publication. (ISBN: 958 9439 55 1)

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