SMACK Takes Some Lessons From Gayaza High School

The boys and teachers of St.Mary’s college Kisubi cannot continue looking on as Gayaza High School soars higher and higher. The need to improve on the education we give to those who come to our schools cannot be over emphasized and Gayaza High School has started perfecting on this promise.

On the 4th March 2016, the boys from SMACK visited the girls at Gayaza and spent a whole day learning about the Agricultural programme taking part in several practical learning sessions.On arrival they were met by the Headmistress of the school who briefed the visitors on the vision of the school that has been shaped towards giving the girls skills in Agribusiness. This is meant to empower them to participate in the financial improvement of their incomes as a family but also to support the communities around them.

Soon we were at the farm and the boys were fully engaged in the practical sessions despite the fact that they were smartly dressed in their uniforms. It is not time for clean uniforms but a good time to sharpen the brains that are dressed in the uniform.So those who think uniform should remain clean and smart,white collar jobs are long gone. It is time to get dirty and to produce. Even if it means redesigning the uniform,let us do it in order to skill up our Youth as they leave school  and then the entire citizenry will follow suit soon.

Pregnancy test:


The boys were able to learn the science involved in reproduction and the relationship with that in man. This could be a start of a long journey into the science career path.


A combined Gayaza High School and SMACK field lesson:



The boys were later on joined by the Gayaza Girls in the S.5 Maths Class who were attending a class at the farm. At this point the group was introduced to the Farm machinery which was an interesting time for all those looking towards the engineering science world.

A mathematics class happening at a school farm.


This was the S.5 Mathematics class that was collecting data from the Farm milk records to be used within the Statistics lessons there after. They analysed the data and are now writing a report for the farm manager highlighting what they discovered.They will go on to identify successes received and the challenges faced and play apart in finding solutions to the setbacks and contribute to the development of the farm.

Sample report from one of the groups:

We went to the Gayaza high school farm and we selected six cows as a sample for the whole farm and collected data on their monthly total milk production. We recorded the data and tabulated it as shown below;
Nabagala   698.4 292.1 81.2 276.8 708.8 427.7 390.5 750.6 580.0 526.3
Milly           550.2 537.0 503.2 489.9 417.4 154.6 417.4 457.9 364.3 156.4
Jasi              454.2 264.8 191.3 178.8 413.1 181.5 187.2 463.3 385.9 221.5
Robinah     354.3 396.2 376.5 378.5 308.0 308.9 392.0 324.5 94.5 412.3
Ruth            308.0 372.4 347.6 316.8 237.4 12.0 481.3 250.2 281.4 471.1
Jennifer     288.8 349.0 305.6 328.4 241.8 401.6 411.3 246.8 202.9 462.6

Introduction to maize growing using using new technologies:



Introduction to silage making and storage:



We also visited the students’ banana plantations and learnt how to grow bananas with new technologies.


The Bio-gas plant was  another fascinating place to be and seeing how the energy is produced and the Bio-slurry fertilizer that goes back to the gardens. The boys then took part in  milking cows which was a climax activity.



The Gayaza High School Young Farmers’ Club hosted the boys to a discussion on how we can form a partnership between the two schools and support each other in providing a more relevant education to the Youth who go through our schools. We hope to bring more schools on board soon.


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  1. Collection, analysis,interpretation of data ,marking reports and recommendations is econometrics which is very important in day to-day running of business.So happy that you teaching these young people not only agriculture or practical work but also other elements that are important in their lives and the best way to reason.Hope they learn the full set of methodology and models with the levels of significance.I suggest that has they write project proposals and problem solving reports, can they be able to to show the significance and test how the proposal and recommendations will be able to solve the problem.

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    This is very good. I hope that many more schools can learn from Gayaza High School. I salute the school head and entire administration as well as the girls for this great and inspiring project. As an Old Girl of the school, I am proud to share this. And hasten to add, ‘if only I could go back to school’!

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