Plastic Eradication Drive In Community

The Wildlife and Environment club of Gayaza high school on 29th January, 2022 took part in the cleaning of rubbish-litter that surrounded the environment outside our school. We were a group of about forty students together with Mr.  Niyirinda Theode and the Patron of our club, Mr. Mangeni was done with an aim of ensuring that the area around/in our neighborhood was kept clean.

We met at the school drive way where we were each given gloves, got trash bins and other equipment that were deemed necessary. Picking up of litter was done along the tarmac road, starting from right outside the school gate till around Kadongo primary school in Kasangati Town council. The road is wide and was filled with plastics and polyethene\’s that had also been thrown on the sides of the road, and in the small bushes by the road. We picked up the rubbish as we trailed the road.

Once the bins were filled up, we created small piles and burnt the rubbish. Burning is a really effective method of ridding the environment of trash and wastes. You would be amazed by how much filth is dumped carelessly in the environment.

The cleanup that our club carried out is a really important activity because; first of all, it helps children learn that they are responsible for their environment and should therefore ensure that it is clean. Secondly, dumping of trash in our environment is very unsanitary and dangerous to our health.

Amazingly, we got some appreciation from some of the people living around the area including the little children that waved and smiled at was a really warm feeling to work with others and get involved in such a physically engaging taught me that team work is a fun and helpful way of carrying out tasks.


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