Gayaza High School Farm Camp Opens Today


Gayaza High School has organized the 2nd annual school farm camp which has opened today the 14th August and will end on Tuesday 18th August, 2015. The camp has brought together students and teachers from schools across the country to show case the different initiatives that they have been engaged in, share learning and adopt / replicate models of proven approaches on farming. The students will have an opportunity to live a life of an entrepreneurial farmer who wakes up at 5:30 a.m and milks the cows, feeds the chicken, transplants vegetables from the green house to the open gardens and applies bio-slurry from the bio-gas plant as organic manure, mulches the banana garden, harvests maize to make silage for the animals and collects grass slashed from the compound to make hay which provides an enhanced nutrition programme for the animals on the farm among other activities. All these are practices that will go a long way to mitigate the climate change challenges and restore food security and fight poverty in our homes.
To introduce the youth in schools to scientific approaches to agriculture and motivate these to practice farming as an entrepreneurship venture while at school so as to create change agents for schools and in their communities.
1. To train the youth in scientific approaches to improved nutrition of Livestock and to follow the value chain processes involved.
2. To introduce the youth to crop-livestock integration so as to enhance food security and nutrition in schools and within small holder farms in the communities.
3. To propose recommendations and develop action plans for integrating farming within the curriculum as a strategy towards youth entrepreneurship.

2 thoughts on “Gayaza High School Farm Camp Opens Today”

  1. Buyondo Henry Patrick

    After attending last years camp my life has not stayed the same while doing agribusiness.. there fore am glad to see Gayaza continuing with the struggle to motivate, train my other brothers and sisters. thank you very much Gayaza high community..
    For God And My Country.

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