Day 9: Community Education Garden Journal

The first activity of the day is now watering our gardens in anticipation of the first sight of a seedling. In the morning some children remained watering the gardens while the others went to carry firewood from Gayaza High School. We thank Gayaza for helping us with a water tank and thumbs up for the tractor driver who refills it now and again.


We now look forward to the rains yet when it rained cats and dogs a week ago we cursed the situation. We hope the seedlings will come out of the soil soon such that the children begin to count on the progress of their project. At that point we will introduce some mathematical activities and journal writing for each individual within their project books. We will later on improve on our typing skills and make individual typed reports. The exciting thing is that the children are working with a lot of interest and commitment showing a change from when we started. They listen to instructions, manage the time well and they pay good attention to whatever is being taught as they always want to replicate the practice immediately. There team work is good and show a lot of responsibility within their roles.

In the afternoon we embarked on our Nutrition programme with a lesson in baking a simple cake. The lesson was conducted by one of our community members-Mrs. Rukundo who is a fresh graduate of one of our community outreach programs. When she was trained in bakery she immediately started a personal business and now sells cakes to all our homes. She was quick to join our programme and offered to teach us a few basic baking skills. The campers enjoyed the whole process of baking and we used the method of demonstration but in the next activity we will work in groups to test the learning that happened.


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