YoFFA, Angels Of Humanity and People To People Garden at Sitankya Primary School


The young farmers’ club of Gayaza High School together with the people to people’s club carry out a number of activities as way of giving back to the community. A number of projects towards improving the community are organized and carried out among which is the project of providing food to pupils of sitankya  primary school. It was noticed that these pupils spend long days at school without a meal from morning to evening which is a hindrance to their proper studying and health. In order to solve this abominable problem Gayaza High School, through the young farmers and people to people clubs decided to help the situation by, first offering a meal of lunch to the pupils and then teaching them how to grow their own food by engaging in agriculture.

Setting up a garden.

On 13th April, 2016 the two clubs went to Sitankya primary school to start on the work of effective agriculture. A garden was prepared right next to the school. Land was tilled, ploughed and prepared for planting.

The Gayaza High School students as the instructors guided by Mr.Kibirige Brian, the Gayaza High School farm manager got eagerly involved in the process. The pupils and teachers of Sitankya primary school formed groups each with one or two instructors.

Maize and beans were to be planted and so demarcations were done in accordance with the right spacing of the crops to be grown. Afterwards holes were dug in which to put the seeds, the fertilizer was put first and then finally the seeds, then they were covered with a thin layer of soil. This was the process followed during planting.

Students from the different schools interacted and learnt to the fullest from each other. Most importantly the pupils and teachers of Sitankya primary school got the required skills in crop planting.

Harvesting of bananas

3 bunches of Bananas were harvested from the garden that was set up earlier for the pupils to have food the following day. This was also done to teach the teachers of Sitankya primary school the right methods of harvesting. By this, they would be able to effectively harvest on their own and give food to the pupils.


Acquiring theoretical knowledge in class about many things like agriculture is good but doing it practically is better and  important.  The pupils in the same way have chance to put into practice all the things they study in class and will most likely not forget them and so will apply this knowledge in their homes and communities for a better livelihood. This  would help them get food for their families and also be able to sell the surplus to the rest of the community and get money to sustain them and their families.

The Gayaza High School Young farmers’ club in partnership with the PTPI club is devoted to keep checking on the school garden and note its progress and also be able to help the primary school in areas where need be.

Compiled by;

Anjagala Mbabazi Joy.


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