Gayaza High School

YoFFA Club


We tend the earth

Administration Block

Built in 1905. Corbians wear blue.

About YoFFA

The club started as ‘Young Farmers Club’ in 2013 and has gone through various transition stages and on 29th April 2017 was re-branded ‘Youth Future Farmers Of Africa – Gayaza High School Chapter.’ This shows that one of our goals is to spread our wings to all other schools all over the African continent.

We engage the students through club activities at least on a weekly basis. Students from other schools in the country are engaged through the various ‘farm camps’ held annually at Gayaza High School. All in all, we would like to see a generation of youth who are passionate about modern agriculture because this is an area where we are endowed as a country and will provide true wealth in the long run if done correctly.


  • The President is the overseer of the club activities ensuring that all the members do their activities efficiently and harmoniously. I n addition she chairs the various club meetings when held.
  • The vice president coordinates with the president to ensure that work goes on smoothly .
  • The treasurers both senior and junior collect the subscriptions and joining fees for the club members .They also collect fines from the offenders of the constitution.They manage the club’s bank book.
  • All coordinators (senior and junior), the spokesperson are in charge of informing all members of any club activities and meetings to be held.
  • The database manager is in charge of updating the club’s website and managing all the files electronically.
  • The bank committee is basically a separate body under the club . They manage the members’ bank accounts and finances in general.In conclusion, the club brings together all members /students who are passionate about agriculture and agribusiness , train them and enable them do various farming activities they may be interested in.

Current Committee Members

  1. Nakitto Martha Ssekitto – President
  2. Katusiime Flavia – Vice President
  3. Nakigozi Sarah- Junior Vice President
  4. Musafiri Angel Berina – Senior Treasurer
  5. Mwebaza Hannah Loy- Senior Secretary
  6. Oluka Monica -Coordinator
  7. Asianut Grace – Public Relations Officer
  8. Wanyana Belinda – Senior Projects Manager
  9. Masaba Esther Loy – Bank executive
  10. Muhwezi Loyce – Bank executive
  11. Asasira Mair – Junior Treasurer
  12. Katuutu Mellisa – Junior Secretary
  13. Ada Wylma – Spokesperson
  14. Najjuma Maria –Data base manager
  15. Apio Lorna- Bank executive