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Wildlife & Environment

Wildlife & Environment

Club motto

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Built in 1905. Corbians wear blue.

Formally known as Nature club, Wildlife club was launched on 08th March 2017 in the school field known as Ann Cutler field  and the internal function was attended by a great number of Gayaza girls. The launch was  a success and it went on  with a variety of food sales, music as well as wildlife based games and quizzes. This was all  handled by the previous club committee. As the new  Wildlife Club committee (2017-2018), we came up with the following:

Our dream is that others can experience the magic of watching wildlife for many years to come.

Nurturing a generation of wildlife lovers by showcasing diverse Ugandan wildlife through our publications and community of wildlife clubs.

Conserving for generations.


1. Conservation
2. Awareness
3. Sustainable impact

Every beginning of the term, the club committee has a meeting to discuss the plan of the term. We decide on an activity that the club can do to help the community, a wildlife based activity, fun activity, a sale, awareness activity as well as tithe offered to the school chapel.

This term, the second term of 2017, we had the Patron of all wildlife clubs of Uganda come speak to us on the 15th of July which was also the school club handover commonly known as bonanza. We also had a representative from Uganda Wildlife Authority to speak to us at the  assembly and launch the giraffe on Friday, 14th of July, 2017. The launching of the giraffe gave us a chance to plan for wildlife trips and plans for the near future as we spoke to a representative from the  Uganda Wildlife Authority as a committee. In relation to awareness also, we pinned up animal facts in the school  library. Sometimes, we pin up newspaper articles about wildlife that  we find in the newspapers to also raise awareness . For a treasury building activity, we had a pizza sale which went on successfully on 21st June, 2017  and we made very high profits. For a fun and awareness activity, we shall be visiting the zoo this weekend on 28th July, 2017. We also had a community helping activity on the 12th of July, we moved around and picked the litter and burnt it in the Gayaza community up to the trading center as our club day activity.

The current wildlife club executive is as follows:

Senior Executive
President – Tamara Sekatawa
Vice President – Kyozira Denise
Treasurer – Mulobole Wendy
Secretary- Tushabe Shevan
Coordinator- Ayo Rachel
Public Relations Officer- Kwikiriza Lisa
Chief Whip- Wanyana Belinda
Project manager- Oluka Monica

Junior Executive
Vice President- Kiconco Cindy
Treasurer- Nankya Rebecca
Secretary- Kyenkya Angel
Coordinator- Sekyana Ruby
Public Relations Officer- Magenyi Danielle
Chief Whip- Kirabo Priscilla
Projects manager- Nantege Angel

Future Plans
In December holidays of  this year 2017, we hope to go on a trip to Queen Elizabeth NP as a committee and a few members for a tour!
We also hope to make a “Welcome to Gayaza high school” poster at the gate using the money we are raising  in our treasury.


The environment club is majorly about the environment. The environment is the natural world in which people, animals and plants live.
Our major job is to conserve the environment by ensuring no disposal of wastes in wrong areas; no trespassing to make sure the grass remains evergreen.
As the slogan states above, we work towards a total green environment and educate the masses about it.
The world national Environment Day is on 5th June every year. The environment in Uganda is under NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY.

Motto and Slogan

The motto of our club is “Think locally, act globally.” Our slogan is “Think green”


  • To keep the environment clean.
  • To educate the people on environmental sustenance.
  • To keep the surroundings green.


  • To decrease on the trespassing in school. It is one of the burning issues that has come to our notice one to many times and needs to be addressed.
  •  To decrease the rate at which rubbish is disposed of poorly.
  • To make our club widely recognized.
  • To add more members into the club.
  • To collaborate on projects with the National Environment Management Authority.

Future Activities

  • Sales
  • To place trespassing signs.
  • Cleaning of the school compound
  • Placing of rubbish bins around school.

Current Committee Members

Senior Committee

  • PRESIDENT – Kahumuza Fortune
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Lotigo Christine
  • SECRETARY – Namata Midrine
  • CHIEF WHIP – Kyakulaga Elizabeth
  • TREASURER – Mulungi Isabel
  • LEGAL ADVISOR – Natukunda Shillah
    Junior Committee
  • VICE PRESIDENT –Kukunda Kwezi
  • SECRETARY – Mbabazi Martha
  • CHIEF WHIP- Okalebo Mercy
  • TREASURER – Kizito Joselyn
  • LEGAL ADVISOR – Walugembe Jinelle