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Built in 1905. Corbians wear blue.

Technovation club , is one of the newest clubs in Gayaza High School which teaches girls how to make apps in order to prepare them for the future .It came as a result of the annual technovation challenge an international based competition which gave the girls a chance to showcase their technical skills and win a number of prizes.
In this club the girls are privileged to learn how to code, how to pitch ,make business plans and other computer skills. In addition they learn teamwork, interaction with their peers and finally the app making.

MOTTO:Inspiring Girls In Science And Technology.
SLOGAN: It\’s An App Thing.

Activities of Technovation Club

  1. At the beginning of the term, we used to converge in the computer room for the training sessions where we were taught how to make the apps. At the end of the day we would interact and share ideas and what we had been taught . All in all we were equipped with all the skills we needed.
  2. In term one , the members of the technovation club who had made apps went for the regional technovation challenge held in Nabisunsa. Some of the teams were teen globe , work it, diabetic and so on. In this challenge Gayaza high emerged the first with WORK IT an app that deals with Holiday work. The girls won phones and the rest certificates.
  3. In term two, we went for the annual national technovation challenge which was held at Makerere University. TEEN GLOBE represented Gayaza high school and was the 1st runner up with Nabisunsa Girls in the lead. The winners got bags and the school won a tablet.

Future Prospects of the Club

  • Technovation club plans to organize training sessions for the other students where people will be able to join the club and acquire any future knowledge they may need.
  • To go for the next national and international challenge more equipped

Senior Executive Committee 2017/18
-President: Masaba Esther
-Vice President: Nakubulwa Kevin
-Secretary:Kirabo Faith
-Internal coordinator: Kabiira Denise
-External coordinator: Balirwa Whitney
-Treasurer: Namuwawu Charity
-Creative wizard: Alum Sheryl
-Project manager: Kwikiriza Lisa

Junior Executive Committee 2017/2018
-Vice President:Kitaaka Eva
-Secretary: Nassanga Patience
-Internal Coordinator: Keinembabazi Tasha
-External Coordinator: Nalubowa Benita
-Treasurer: Kagaba Lynette
-Creative Wizard: Nabulo Aliinda
-Project Manager: Kezza Shakirah

About The Club
Science club is basically a platform for different activities more practical than theoretical. It is headed by the President who works hand in hand with the rest of the committee to take the school’s science to another level.

The committee is made of 12 people who see to it that the club functions efficiently. These are;
1. President
She heads the club i.e. she sees to it that each of the committee members does her work well in the specific field she is responsible for. She is the intermediate between the club members and the club Patron. In addition to this, she chairs the club meetings which take place on Wednesdays.
2. Vice President
She works hand in hand with the president to run the club. She also stands in for the President in her absence.
3. External Coordinator
She handles all activities that concern the club but are outside the school for example; science fairs, conferences and any other activities that the club is invited to. She also communicates with any people outside the school in case of any communications to be made to them for example invitations to any school events.
4. Internal Coordinator
She sees to it that all internal school activities of the club go on as they should. That is she makes announcements to the rest of the school about any club activities
5. Secretaries
These are three in number. They jot down the minutes of the various meetings held. They record the highlights of every activity and event by the club. In addition to this, they record the names of every member of the club and their contribution to the club. They also write down everything about every project the club does.
6. Treasurers
These are 3 in number .They deal with the finances of the club i.e. they handle the club bank account ,they collect the subscription and joining fees and are responsible for banking them. They also inform the rest of the club about any money that could be needed to conduct an activity.
7. Chief Whip
She sees to it that integrity, efficiency and effectiveness are maintained in the club. She reprimands any person on the committee who may not be doing their work well, including the President.
8. Robotics Expert
She handles the robotics part of the club. She updates the club on any advancements in the technology of any projects especially robotics.
9. Blogs Expert
She updates the blog of the club on the school website that is any projects handled recently and any other activity.

The club has different activities like:

  • We conduct different lessons depending on the competition at hand, for example this term for SESEMAT, a Wakiso region science and math challenge, we presented; a menstrual calculator for math, an eco-toilet for agriculture, Production of oxygen by electrolysis for chemistry, acne soap for biology and a weight loss application.
  • At the moment we are conducting lessons on robotics to train us for the robotics challenge in third term.
  • To promote innovativeness and inventiveness, the club participates in various competitions where the participants are each given certificates and the best exhibitions are rewarded with presents.

Our goal as a club is to promote inventiveness and innovativeness.
Science Club committee 2017-2018

  1. Atuhaire Vanessa – President
  2. Birungi Rania – Vice President
  3. Nuwagaba Rhona – Robotics expert
  4. Nanziri Esther – External Coordinator
  5. Atugonza Priscilla – Internal coordinator
  6. Anena Daisy Barbara – Senior treasurer
  7. Naluyima Edna – Junior treasurer
  8. Nabattu Finella – Senior secretary
  9. Zawedde Nancy – Senior treasurer
  10. Mategyero Noella – Junior treasurer
  11. Auma Prisca – Chief Whip
  12. Asianut Grace – Blogs Manager

The club’s patrons are Mrs.Kagimu and Mr. Kyakwonye