Gayaza High School

Rule of Law

Rule of Law Club


Gayaza high school was blessed with the opportunity of being the pioneers of the Rule of Law club Uganda. The was officially first launched in Gayaza High school at the beginning of the year 2017.

The Purpose of The Club
To educate the youth on the values and importance of the laws in Uganda in order to ensure the release of a law abiding citizen from the institution.

The Objectives

  • To educate the students about the laws of the country.
  • To analyze and explain the importance of the law.
  • To produce law abiding students.
  • To reduce the rate of ignorance towards the law governing the country.
  • To inform people of their rights as citizens especially when it comes to the law.

The Aims

  • To recruit as many students as possible into the rule of law club Gayaza High School.
  • To release law abiding students from the school.


  • Successful launching of the club by the Makerere Guild President and associates as well
  • The inflow of new members is steadily increasing
  • The Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago came and educated the girls of the difference between Rule by Law and Rule of Law.

The club is steadily progressing towards greater heights and hopes to be able to fulfill its rightful purpose in society.