Club motto

Administration Block

Built in 1905. Corbians wear blue.

Firstly patriotism is the love that one has for his or her country .
The patriotism club of Gayaza High School mainly enhances students with the knowledge about the country, telling students about the country, the merits and demerits of the activities going on in the country which involves the students thereby promoting a patriotic feel.
MOTTO: For God And My Country

Club Committee
Senior Club Members

  1. President; Nakibirango Yvonne
  2. Vice president; Namara Shiva
  3. Secretary; Alwaro Anna
  4. Treasurer; Namusese Jovia
  5. Speaker; Nalubega Joyce
  6. Internal coordinator; Lotigo Christine
  7. External coordinator ;Sekatawa Tamara.

Junior Club Members

  1. Vice president; Nankya Rebecca.
  2. Internal coordinator; Nabasumba Kevin
  3. External coordinator; Kigozi Bellise
  4. Treasurer; Karungi Desree
  5. Historian; Agapa Manuella
  6. O’level representative; Acen Trascilla

The club carries out several activities both in and out of the Gayaza community. These include;
• Planting of trees in the field.
• Helping the primary seven pupils at the nearby primary school with scholastic materials for their final exams; PLE.
• Making of posters that contain information about the country.
• Raising of flags along with rangers club on normal school days and also on important school functions for example sports day.
• Organizing of cultural day.
• Community cleaning.

Future Plans

  1. Organizing of sales.
  2. Inviting speakers to inform students about the country.
  3. Educating people on patriotism.
  4. Setting up of a bench in woodland.
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