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Built in 1905. Corbians wear blue.

John Doe

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The German club is an academic club in school that comprises of all German students in the school.

MOTTO: Erforschung Uber Grenzen

MISSION:To extend awareness of the German language to different personalities in the school.


German Festival
The German club attended the annual German festival which took place at Nabisunsa Girl’s School. The event is organized by the Goethe institute led by Herr Kouassi.
During the event each participating school is required to take only 30 students to represent the school. These students are tasked to take part in different activities that alternate yearly according to the theme.
This year, the theme was Hospitality creates a better world. In relation to the above theme; members of the club in their respective classes were tasked to do the following;
• Poem recital, Wir brauchen Menschen –S1
• Imitation of Speech by Angela Merkel-S2
• Poem recital-S3
• Contemporary dance-S4
• Short play or skit- S5&S6
• Rap battle
• Quiz about Angela Merkel

Unfortunately the members of the club in the candidate classes were unable to attend and therefore their activities were distributed among the members.
The participants in the poem recital for S3 and S1 were given several prizes for winning the 3rd and 2nd position respectively.

German Room
The German club members are currently taking part in the redecoration of the German room as it was their project for the term. We hope that by the end of the term the club will be restored to its past glory.
Our aim is to fill it with different pictures and information that represent German culture, cuisines, way of life, religion, art and civilization that will bring life to the room and ease learning of the language.

German Visitors
The club was recently honored to host a German student, Francesca on holiday through Mrs. Muwanguzi Sally. She is to stay for 2 weeks and conduct interactions with different German students in the different classes.

The German club hopes to invite the Lecturer in Charge of German language on Thursday next week to talk to the club members about the different advantages of studying the given language.

German Tutoring Experience
The German club plans to organize German learning sessions with different students in the school where we will learn more about the German language and their relation with us. These are scheduled to begin on Thursday 27 July 2017.

We hope to get in touch with different German clubs in the different and brainstorm different ideas on how we can widen the understanding of German language and encourage more people to take the subject.

Current Committee

  • President: Namugenyi Alice Janice
  • Vice president: Namusese Jovia Fortunate
  • Junior Vice president: Kirabo Peace
  • Secretary: Akun Miriam
  • Junior Secretary: Kuteesa Phyllis
  • Treasurer: Kisakye Jeryn
  • Junior Treasurer: Kyenkya Angel
  • Coordinator: Namayanja Christabel
  • Junior coordinator: Kafuko Prisca
  • Chief whip; Kisakye Priscilla
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President – 2022/2023

About the Club

The main purpose of this club is to encourage the students to learn French and know the importance of knowing this foreign language and gain an outstanding passion for this language

Club logo
Club motto

Le Français Pour Toute Le Monde.

Club Activities
  • One of the ways we do this is by connecting the students internationally through trips that take place annually in France during the long December holiday. Through this the students appreciate the language and the culture of France.
  • We also attend functions and seminars whose main aim is teaching the students the language for example the students recently attended a function at Namilyango College and the students participated in quizzes and debates all in French and the students were pushed to learn the language so that they could compete favorably with other schools
Future Plans
  • We plan to have a festival to show people the culture of the people in France. We plan to have exhibitions about the culture of the people in France and the different foods the French eat and their origin. The aim of this festival is for the students to have a reason to love this language and actively participate in the on-going activities of the club.
    We plan to show French movies and teach people songs in French so that they can widen their vocabulary and this will prompt the students to love this language because we shall be reaching to them through what they love.
  • Putting up posters around the school with basic French vocabulary so that the students can learn the language slowly by slowly.
  • Plan to have quizzes about France and general language questions with outstanding prizes so that the students will learn this beautiful language.
  1. President: Nyakake Belinda
  2. Vice President : Ariao Sharon
  3.  Secretary: Mbasa Zoe
  4.  Treasurer: Nakitto Diana Bakaluba
  5.  Co-coordinator : Tumaini Sikoyo
  6.  Public Relations Officer : Kirabo Faith Lucy
  7.  Junior Vice-President : Lubwama Jennifer
  8. Junior Secretary : Kankunda Charlene
  9.  Junior Treasurer : Achola Clarisse
  10. Internal Co-coordinator: Kirabo Shanice
  11. External Co-coordinator: Kiremire Denise
  12.  O-level representative : Mugisha Eleanor

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We want to make sure every student leaves Gayaza High School when they know a thing or two in French and have the love to continue with it after their high school as an extra skill they have because we know that languages do mean a lot in our society today.
Jane Doe – Club President 2021 – 2022