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The interact club of Gayaza High School is a club founded by Rotary Uganda in the late 90’s under Rotary International. The name “Interact” is actually supposed to be Inter-act which is “International Action” in full and not the actual sense of interaction. It is majorly a club that internationally acts to make a better option of a world to live in, that being a reason for its name.
Rotary International a.k.a Rotary World Over is the main origin from which the idea of this club started. Almost all the countries in the world are under Rotary International despite the fact that it is divided into districts instead of countries, and under each district is a club of the country which has its own clubs. For example, we are in district 9211, under Rotary Uganda, under Rotary club of Kampala. One may wonder how we come about. It is not a partnership or anything, it is actually a level of hierarchy running from Rotary (Rotarians<30yrs+>) to Rotaract (Rotaractors<20-29yrs>) to Inter-act (inter-actors<13-19yrs>). That is why we are the Inter-act club and not any other name.
The inter-act logo has an “I” in the middle surrounded by four inter-connected rings to enhance the aspect of unity.
Inter-act has two main colors; blue &gold (yellow in some areas) emulated from Rotary International that are on the medallion, logo, advertisements about the club etc. Thus all those under Rotary International have these colors. “Service, fun and fellowship” is what we all follow, in that, in all service, there’s fun and fellowship. When I talk about fellowship, I mean a get-together by Rotarians (in general terms) and any guests in
which different views, projects & ideas concerning the club purpose are shared. It is also meant to update club members and introduce new members, inaugurate new presidents, initiate new members to mention but a few. Just for those who do not know, at every fellowship, the loyal toast, the four way test(guides Rotarians all over), the Grace and the final toast are a must say for all the hierarchies of Rotary.

The Loyal Toast:To the President of Uganda (it’s generally to anyone the club is vowing to be loyal to for life).

The four way test: For everything we think, say or do;

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it Fair to all concerned?
  • Is it Beneficial to all concerned?
  • Will it build good will and friendship?

The Grace: For what we are about to receive, may we forever be grateful and mindful about the needs of others.

Final Toast (said at the end of a fellowship): For the Wonderful fellowship we’ve had, I give you Rotary International.


“Service above Self” will and has always been our motto from way before time.
This motto teaches us to always put serving humanity above ourselves. And thus I believe there’s no better way to sum up what the club is actually about.


Every Rotary year has a theme. This year’s theme is “Green Ice” (environment). A rotary year starts 1st July to the next 1st July.


Our Aim as a current committee is to see to completion the previous committee’s aim of making people true Inter-actors and change the attitude of people towards the club which for many years has been based on fake hypothesis of it being a club of only rich and often “spoilt” students. We also aim at completing the “Green Ice” theme in conjunction with our mother club and other Rotary clubs. We generally aim at having an impact however small to the world around us and make the world a better option for each and everyone around us.


Our most recent activity has been the Interact charity games that were held on the 8th of July 2017 at the Gayaza High School field. They were meant to raise money for the Children wing at the Uganda Cancer Institute. We hoped to make a profit of 25 million to give cancer but unfortunately we only made eight million. We plan to use the money to buy bed sheets, toys, clothes, a few hygienic materials for the different children at the ward. The games will be an annual event so be sure to come for the next one!
Our next activities will be along the lines of the Green Ice project, babies’ homes, Tambula Gayaza, Cancer (as much as we can), starting Interact clubs in the less privileged schools, the less privileged in the community, the I am a girl project( project by the new rotary youth board to help the girls in Uganda that face issues of menstruation.) ;We hope to build incinerators, buy reusable pads and carry out sensitization to see to it that those girls make it to school always. To spread the art of giving, showing the teaching and non-teaching staff what the club is about and introducing them to new Rotary clubs, introducing an idea themed “Inter-actor of the month” where by the most generous person or charitable heart will get a certificate and something small to encourage charity, sales, working with other clubs e.g. 3C, good Samaritan and Jajjaring to spread the charity effect to the whole school, to mention but a few.

Cabinet (Current Committee Members)

For those who didn’t know, Inter-act picks its cabinet in the same hierarchy that our Mother club Rotary does, only exception being post of IPP(Immediate Past President)

Junior cabinet

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