Student Personal Classroom Money Making Machine

Did you ever own a personal money making machine while studying mathematics or any other subject at school? While in a mathematics class we focus on learning how to calculate hard stuff and yet in real life calculators and computers do it better than us. Why don’t we spend some of this time producing the values that we can calculate and hence engage with problem solving for longer hours at school.

I would like to welcome you to our Senior Six 2015 Banana garden and invite you to take a virtual tour around our classroom. Today we were excited to catch a glimpse of our first fruit at Ms. Ludu’s desk. I am sure by Easter time we shall be calculating a lot of meaningful numbers within the Principal and Subsidiary Mathematics classes.

1 2We cannot wait to count the number of fingers. May be we can turn to calculus for the answers here. Who knows?

3There is a lot to do with mathematics in setting up the rows and columns and we shall collect quite a lot of data from this garden soon. I can single out data collected about the weight(kg) of each bunch of banana as we prepare to sell to the school dinning room{ 20,25,30,20,40,35,20..}. Then we can calculate the mean and standard deviation.So what is meant by standard deviation and why do we calculate this in business?Is it helpful? Give me some answers please if you are deeply engaged in business because we are new in this!

Take off time and listen to a typical mathematics teacher to help you reflect on the issues highlighted in this article. Click below and ENJOY!!!


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