Gayaza High School

Farm Camp 2021

Farm Camp 2021


Farm Camp 2021

7th Annual School Farm camp happening at Gayaza High School in collaboration with HeLP Schools.

This year 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we propose to have a blended Farm Camp that will have most of the activities online. Our main target participants include students in schools, teachers both in-service and pre-service and teacher trainers in tertiary institutions.

We shall make use of pre-recorded videos of farmers recorded during this time or provided by the players within the agribusiness sector and integrate these with a live telecast from the farms through zoom where possible.

Our experienced adult and youth farmers plus farmer teachers will lead the training sessions right from their farms and value addition places.

Our international friends from FFA and others will be presenting on several topics within the plenary sessions. We hope to have the Government of Uganda Ministries, Departments and Agencies represented so that they share with the participants the policies that guide skilling of youth in Uganda.

In preparation for the Farm Camp, we launched the “My Garden” campaign throughout the month of October that will encourage all students and teachers in Uganda to start a garden at home or improve on the existing family garden. In this regard, a garden can be that one tomato plant, that one goat/cow/chicken and even following the value chain up to that bakery unit. We would like to see enhanced planning, increased individual work in this garden and daily journaling of activities.

From the 27th-29th October 2021, we shall join our friends from FFA and participate virtually in the National Future Farmers of America (FFA) convention that will provide us and all agriculture and education policy makers with greater insight on how agriculture education has been organized by other countries.

For most of our activities and plenary session we shall run through zoom using;
Meeting ID: 913 302 2418
Passcode: HeLP