Digital Science & Virtual Lab by Cyber School Technology Solutions

Digital Science & Virtual Lab (DSVL) is a software developed and distributed by Cyber School Technology Solutions (CSTS). CSTS is an education-service Company based in Uganda, has been in partnership with the Ministry of Education & Sports (MoES) and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

Through this partnership, DSVL has run in over 1,200 secondary schools, all over Uganda, since 2006. The Digital Science and Virtual Lab software contains the Ugandan O-level science curriculum digitized, with 2D and 3D animations, captivating images, sound effects and clear simplified explanations of concepts to make the rather difficult science concepts easier to understand, learn and to remember.

With its Virtual Laboratory, the child can practice science experiments and practicals even from home. The other features of the software include;

  • Full curriculum coverage of O-level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  • 6,000 animations explaining complex concepts in colour, 2 and 3 dimensional.
  • Full curriculum coverage – 120 topics / 373 sub-topics with tests and quizzes
  • Local examples in Local voice.
  • 157 Experiments and Practicals – in the Virtual Laboratory.
  • Can be used for teaching by teachers and revision by students.
  • Developed and deployed by Cyber School Technology Solutions, Uganda.
  • Requires no Internet. The software is installed (full O Level content) on a laptop or desktop.

CSTS has partnered with Gayaza High School since 2007. Through this cooperation, Gayaza teachers and students have used and benefited from this unique software that is designed to ease the teaching and learning of curriculum biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

The video in the link below dates back to 2007. Part of it shows Gayaza students, teachers and the former head teacher, Mrs. Kisarale, giving their views on DSVL:


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