Day 6: Community Education Garden





Today God blessed us with some sunshine and we were able to hit the ground running with some seeds into the soil. It was all smiles with the little children counting the number of seeds into each hole and across the lines. Each child planted their choice of a crop from Cabbages, Onions, Carrots to Beetroot and many other vegetables. Starting to count on how many will grow and later on to how many fruits and I am sure the cost of each were all very interesting thoughts within the young and great minds. The courage exhibited by the children as they work for the last one week is a motivational factor to us the teachers and a lesson to learn that the children love working with both their hands and mind.


Because of the importance of mathematics to our daily life we have started enjoying the mathematical agriculture involved in this project. Our gardens have now been drawn on the X-Y plane and each plot has been corded with 4 initials from the children’s names and given coordinates.


So we can now refer to each individual plot by name. For example Ntege Raham has his plot starting at the origin with coordinates; N(0,0) T(1,0) R(1,3) A(0,3) and Birungi Sharon’s plot stands at B(0,3) I(1,3) S(1,6) H(0,6).

My questions to the reader are;

(a)    Draw an x-y plane and show the two plots for Raham and Sharon.

(b)   What shape are these plots

(c)    Find the area of the plots.


The fencing process is ongoing and the bamboo trees are giving the garden a beautiful look. We have been to the forest to pick more bamboo sticks and discussed the need to replant the depleted section of the Bamboo forest. What we now need is to know the species we have and whether we can add other species. It is a green and yellow type like you see in the photos below. This will be a great activity for the students nature club and then we can go a little further and make some products like handbags, necklaces, arm bands, water bottles and may be chairs and stools. I am sure the girls will love this.


ImageBamboo Forest

ImageGarden Fence

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