Day 13: Community Education Garden

Yesterday we received a drizzle at our school- Gayaza High School 200m from our Community Education Garden and we celebrated hoping that our plants were receiving some water. Interestingly enough it looks like our garden is in a rain shadow because not even a single drop reached that area. This morning in Kampala-the capital city of Uganda, 16km away we got reports that it rained cats and dogs. This gives us hope that very soon we shall have some rains. Otherwise the children reported this morning with all the interest and commitment and went about their usual activity of watering the plots at ease. They also had to pick some weeds from their gardens making sure that nothing stops their plants from growing. Many plants are now out of the soil and the gardens look beautiful.


The Children have become innovative in fighting the harsh weather conditions.


Happy with the plants coming out of the ground in good numbers.


Clearing the side ends of the garden for beauty.

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