Day 12: Community Education Garden

It is 27th December 2013, and we are all returning from our Christmas Holidays. The gardens are doing well and many more plants have come out of the ground. The heat is at its best and I am worried about the future of our plants. We are finding difficulty in securing the Gayaza High School tractor to bring us enough water since the public is hiring it out for water supply. We need to get a bigger storage tank of about 10,000 litres as compared to what we currently have of 3,000 litres. We know God will provide through all the friends we have. The children are beginning to improvise with drip irrigation using water bottles as they hope for a better future.


In order to take care of urban farming with limited space we have embarked on farming within sacks and tyres. This model will provide learning for our children who live in small spaced homes.


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