Gayaza High School

Counseling & Career Guidance

Counseling & Career Guidance


At the heart of our teaching philosophy is a deep commitment to reaching out to the less fortunate and sharing knowledge for the greater good of society. This essence underlies all our educational endeavors.

Gayaza High School is more than an institution; it’s a place where education transforms into a lifelong journey of discovery and contribution.

Commitment to Excellence

At Gayaza High School, our academic environment is a nurturing ground for young minds to sharpen their talents, fostering intellectual and creative curiosity. Our academic approach goes beyond textbooks. We emphasize a deep understanding of our nation’s rich culture, history, geography, scientific advancements, and spirituality, as well as a global perspective. We encourage our students to be aware of the world’s happenings and find their place on the global stage.

Our school holds a time-honored place as one of Uganda’s best performing schools and offering a broad array of life skills like communication, analysis and critical thinking, and we cultivate logical and creative approaches to problem solving in our students and we achieve these goals by addressing the needs of each student. Our school is proud to offer a vibrant academic and social life and includes a large number of educational, cultural, athletic and social. A walk through our compound will show you many different types of activities on any given day.

Our ultimate goal is to shape independent thinkers with strong critical and analytical skills. We believe in self-motivation and self-driven learning, driven by a genuine passion for each subject. We prioritize tolerance and appreciation for diverse cultures and regional differences in all our activities.

Real-life learning is actively promoted through group activities, outward-bound projects, and educational trips to other schools or even countries. We ensure students have the opportunity to interact with guest speakers from various fields, providing them with exposure to the wider world.

The rest of their weekend, besides taken up by morning prep and washing in the afternoons, it, is left to each student’s discretion not to use that interval to sleep and idleness, but use it in some proper personal reading which is the primary reason they are at school.

At Gayaza we believe in high level of academic excellence and this is a challenge that each student must face. Our goal is meet these expectations for all our students in a supportive, loving environment. With our ICT based education we endeavor to make sure that every student has access to the very best 21st century education by engaging our students in a hands-on learning in class. Our goal is to educate students to become citizens of our global society, ready to take on the challenges of this still new century.

We are not only preparing our students for success in secondary school but we are also helping them to accomplishment in that moment, and we are starting them on a thoughtful, independent existence that extends beyond their school experience.

Student’s activities include events like Cultural day, Bazaar, Sports day to mention a few. With the wide number of exceptional student clubs and academic groups one is free to join any one or more of their choice. We also encouraged students to participate in at least one of the activities. Our students also get to enhance their social and academic networks by participating in collaborative projects like the global virtual classroom.

To shake of the days stress there are recreational programs in the evenings; like sporting activities to refresh their minds, body encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.