“Heritage Girls School is a traditional public institution where students explore the world within the pages of books. Here, we acquire fundamental skills like reading, writing, arithmetic, and even delve into more complex subjects like Pythagoras and Bildungsroman. We also learn to read musical notations, dance gracefully, speak proficiently in English, and identify minerals and elements by their unique properties. Our activities range from swimming, sprinting, and cycling to playing kickball. These are just a few of the experiences we cherish during our time at Maitri & Gargi House.

From day one, we are reminded of our importance as valuable members of the Heritage community. Every ‘I’ contributes significantly to the bigger picture here.

Our opinions matter, and we have a voice in decisions that affect us. Dissent is encouraged; we have the freedom to express our ideas, but we must also be prepared to defend our viewpoints. Critical thinking is a cornerstone of our education, nurtured from a young age.

Heritage Girls School instills in us the belief that every girl is a leader, born with qualities that place her at the forefront. Leadership is not a choice; it’s our destiny. This school grooms us to unlock our inherent talents and provides daily opportunities to sharpen them.

Respect is paramount in our school; giving and expecting respect go hand in hand. Everyone, from the youngest child in the dorm to the kitchen helper, from our mentoring teachers to the gardener, deserves respect. Politeness, ‘pleases,’ ‘thank yous,’ and thoughtful words are essential values we uphold.

We prioritize skill-building at Heritage. Our daily routine includes training in reading, writing, mathematics, creative and critical thinking, conflict resolution, and negotiation. We are encouraged to articulate our thoughts effectively, expand our vocabulary, and appreciate the nuances of language and style. We also enjoy quality cinema through the Cine Club, fostering our ability to engage in intelligent discussions.

Heritage girls are taught to be effective organizers and planners, responsible for arranging various events, from assemblies and tournaments to DJ evenings. We provide valuable suggestions and lead initiatives.

Ultimately, our goal is to evolve into well-rounded individuals, equipped with competence, confidence, and resourcefulness. Grooming is a crucial aspect of our education, where we understand that first impressions matter. Our impeccable appearance, good hygiene practices, and self-confidence shine through our smiles and demeanor.

As young ladies, we are conscious of being Heritage ambassadors, always putting our best foot forward. We aim to stand out wherever we go.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally:
Heritage Girls School’s students take pride in being citizens of our diverse country. We celebrate our rich traditions through colorful festivals, dance, folklore, and diverse cuisine. We enthusiastically support our sports teams, scientists, and entrepreneurs, recognizing that there’s still much to achieve for India to become a global superpower.

Our daily endeavor is to set higher standards for ourselves, aiming to compete on a global scale. Our education fosters open-mindedness, teaching us to reject superstitions and prejudices while embracing diversity.

Heritage prepares us to be women of substance, grounded in strong values and impeccable character. We’re conscious of our responsibilities to our families, communities, alma mater, and our nation. We strive to contribute to our country’s economy, bringing honor through our efforts. Preserving the planet and ensuring equal opportunities for all are fundamental principles we hold dear.

We learn all this and more, never forgetting that each of us is a phenomenal woman.”

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