What Nutrients Could The Plants Be Missing

The photograph shows one end of our maize garden with plants that are not very healthy.What can be done to help these plants grow well.

2 thoughts on “What Nutrients Could The Plants Be Missing”

  1. possibly aftert this lot of maize crop after all it takes a short time to be harvested…. try growing something else on tthat soil so as to avoid the monatony of the soil getting used to one kind of crop plus it will help restore more minerals in the soil and break the pests cycle!

  2. Thanks. This place was a paddock and it is the first garden we are putting up.
    Yes we are looking for all the possible knowledge to help us engage in meaningful farming within our school so as to stand out as one of the role model for schools in Uganda. Your suggestions help us to understand how the available technologies can support such wishes. So please keep visiting our page and my girls will be motivated to work even harder.

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