Preparing Lunch For The Hungry Candidates At P.l.e

It was unbelievable seeing primary school children preparing for an afternoon  primary leaving examination without lunch. Such are the tales of the common Ugandan child in any of the rural schools.

The feed the child project at Gayaza High School set out to feed the candidates of the church of Uganda Primary School-Kadongo found just a few metres from their school. The project members were unhappy with the fact that these children were to sit for their afternoon examination without a meal.They decided to form a partnership with the foods and nutrition club that baked buns which were served for the 2 days.

We hope that our maize garden will provide some food for these children next year.


3 thoughts on “Preparing Lunch For The Hungry Candidates At P.l.e”

  1. ahumuza gracious

    it was such a wonderful experience knowing that we had helped some one out there! We were scared thinking buns and soda is not enough and we were thinking about making porridge! But the gratitude with which those hungry kids accepted the little that we could afford, the joy they felt brought tears to my eyes! To some, it was their first meal since the night before! That changed my heart! Many times, we think we do small things but actually they change alot!

  2. i saw the excitement and joy in those children’s faces as they were served, its really a shame that they should study without any food, lets keep working hard on this and even make it bigger so that we can help more

  3. Lucy Nakiboneka Serunkuuma

    Thank God for the opportunity the girls got being part of such an activities. You blessed these children, be sure to get plenty of blessings too! I am sure this ‘small’ act as we may call it, meant the world to some of these children. It is painful knowing that many of the children go hungry through out the day, even when they have hard tasks to perform! Thank you girls and Gayaza High School staff for this idea. This and more of such deeds make life more meaningful. I am so proud being part of you! May that bread multiply to feed millions of hungry children! May God bless you, the children of Uganda and all the hungry children all over the world!

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