Poetry Genius Angel Kabera Wins 1Million Shillings

Angel Kabera is a 17 year old S.5 Literature student in Gayaza High School. She has a calm personality sometimes never even noticed because of her reserved nature but Angel is a true poetess. She has a way with words that will give Dr.Suzan Kiguli a run for her money. When Angel opens her mouth to recite, it is pure genius that can make you sit till the cows get home. She is a words-smith who never met William Shakespeare but has read many of his works. Angel writes about everyday life issues that touch each and everyone in an eye opening way. So it is not by surprise that she was the lead performer of Gayaza High School at the Aga Khan annual poetry slam that took place in April 2019. Angel won accolades at her former school Aga Khan High School.

As we were waiting for the storm to pass, Angel Kabera took part in the 4th Annual Poetry Slam that took place at the East African University of Uganda, in June 2019. She recited her poem “ The Boda boda Stage.”( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmzlfXQo9lU) that went viral on the internet. The applause she received at the end of the recital sealed the deal for Angel. She captured maximum silence from the audience and a thunderous applause that crowned her as the winner of this event.


Angel won a cool 1 Million which she finally received, in cash at school. She intends to invest her cash in her poetry. At Gayaza High School, we simply say NEVER GIVE UP and congratulations to Angel Kabera. Thank you to the Literature and English Departments for nurturing our future writers, leaders and readers after all, good readers are great leaders.

Compiled by Mrs. Juliet Kavuma

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