Indigenous Foods Exhibition – Looking Backwards To Move Forward

On the 9th October 2014(Independence day Celebration), the senior one students at Gayaza High School together with their parents exhibited the preparation of traditional foods from the various regions in Uganda. The parents  carried the traditional food stuffs for the dishes they cooked and the traditional kitchen ware they used to exhibit the full process of preparing these foods.The rest of the school visited the different cooking areas to learn the details of the various processes and the value of the foodstuffs.

Most of our traditional foods have a lot of good in them and compliment the health workers and nutritionists advice lists. However many of these foods are gradually missing within our homes and the knowledge of their worth could soon disappear within our reach. As a school we would like to use such exhibitions to learn about the different traditional foods and most importantly their usefulness to our lives.We documented stories as given by our parents and will soon create a library with videos that can be used as an advocacy tool.

We also want to identify traditional vegetables from the various parts of Uganda that can be grown in central Uganda so that our students can engage with growing these at our farm.This will  enable us to grow some  seeds and create a seed bank that can support the growing of traditional vegetables by the farmers within our community that can be sold starting with our school and our parents.Through this we hope to contribute positively to the discussion on the use of traditional dishes within our families as a strategy for the sustainability of our communities.

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