Hosting Community Farmers To A Cup Of Tea

Farming is done by a few members within our communities who work so hard to feed all of us. In fact if farmers decided to change their roles what would happen to our markets and the availability of good food. However they are the least celebrated within our communities and it is against this background that we decided to invite a few farmers from our community to a cup of tea so as to celebrate their work.


Explaining how Slurry is a good  organic manure
Explaining how Slurry is a good organic manure

It was a pleasure hosting the farmers on Saturday 21st November from 3:00-7:00p.m. We toured the school farm while identifying possible areas of collaboration. We later on gathered in our school library and working in five groups the farmers were able to describe their areas of expertise and our teachers together with the students also described the agricultural  activities we engage in as a school. Later on we ventured into identifying the challenges our farmers face as they go about their businesses. We used the Norminal Group Technique(NGT) for our discussion where each individual in the group was able to raise a number of  issues and together as a group these were themed into six major areas. Then each group posted their issues on the board and together all the issues were further themed into 5 major areas.


Training needs for farmers,extension workers and veterinary doctors was one of the major issue. Others included; fake seeds and inputs,poor breeds of animals,bad market prices and inappropriate middle men. We later on served  and had a working cup of tea.

Serving Tea
Serving Tea

We agreed to organise training workshops according to particular needs from the farmers. As a school we promised to host some of these training sessions and to support tour visits to renown farmers by providing transport facilities. We also agreed to set up an SMS platform that will facilitate the communication among the farmers as well as a data base that will provide information on reliable input dealers. Gayaza High School will provide good breeds of animals to the farmers at a reasonable fee but also to continue with the give away of a calf whenever chance arises.One of the visiting farmers not from our community donated a good breed cow which we ring faced to support the teacher farmers. The first calf will be given to a teacher ready to have it and through the sale of milk we will raise funds to support the community collaboration project. We hope to find other sustainability options.

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  1. Very exciting to see your impacting skills outside classroom to the community where students come from. I am of the converts and good learner though not a teacher but handling youth empowerment program that has taken steps to orient youth in using the resources around them to earn a living. One of the interesting testimonies is the banana plantations that are being established by the youth at the homes. But as an example of translating tour and training skills, after a workshop at Gayaza High school I started my reference banana garden of 150 plants. Beginning to yield. Want to take this further in my community. Thanks Mr.Ddungu.

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