GHS People to People Students’ Chapter (Angels of Humanity) missed Opportunity

GHS People to People Students’ Chapter (Angels of Humanity) Reflecting on Their Activities at Sitankya Primary School

It is around this time that we reach out to our friends at Sitankya Primary School to encourage and inspire them to keep in school and work hard. We usually train and equip the girls with leadership skills and support them to take on the challenge. We generously share what we have collected from school in order to make a difference in someone’s life or put a smile on their faces.

Today, while we cannot reach out to you physically because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, we send our hearty and fervent prayers to the Lord God Almighty: to protect you and preserve you with your families; to keep you strong and focused; and keep your desire for school burning; to save you from sexual abuse and early marriages.

We are always grateful to the headteacher for the relentless facilitation, and the entire GHS family for their generosity, which help us to express love and bring hope to our community.

Compiled by; Juliet Tracy Nansubuga Lubega

GHS at Sitankya 2019

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