Fare Thee Well Miss Ann Cutler 1934 – 2020

Gayaza Staff
Seated L-R: Damali Buyera, Ruth Kavuma, Juliet Mulindwa, Joy Mwesigwa, Miss. Sebaduka, Beatrice Geria Standing : Janice Hobday, Barbara Kaggwa, Mary Lubanga, Doreen Mwesigye, Harriet Ssentumbwe, Sarah Kibuuka, Alice Kabwama, Lucy Luzinda, Robinah Semitala, Ann Cutler

Miss. Ann cutler was a rare and gifted teacher during her time (1961 -2001) at GHS. She is fondly remembered for her 6:00 a.m morning dance commonly known as “Mo dance” and time management. She served diligently as P.E/CRE teacher but most students remember her for the Scottish dance classes. Some of those that crossed her path either as students or colleagues have celebrated and paid her tribute since 13th May 2020, when she passed on;

Robina. K. Kizito: Head teacher, GHS

Mrs. Robina Kizito, Headmistress

We celebrate Miss. Cutler as a true Christian, very selfless. Although not ordained she served as the School Chaplain for a very long time. She invited all the preachers, organized bible study groups for each class and the staff bible study was held at her house.

Do we remember the Bible classes when we would take turns to read the scriptures?  Most of us probably best recall her contribution to Bible teaching, Bible study, confirmation classes, Nativity plays, Easter plays, evening prayers where she was burdened to pray for each child by name as we saw the lists in the chapel and most importantly Games. She was willing to share the word of God and anything material she possessed. She lent out the Christian literature from her book shelf for us to read and be encouraged

On a personal note she taught me how to pronounce the word ‘southern’.

It’s very sad indeed, Miss Cutler served GHS selflessly. May the Lord receive her as we all applaud the impact she made in our youthful days.

Dr. Rose Kaggwa: PTA Chair, Class82

Dr. Rose Kaggwa

We thank God for having given us Miss Cutler. She was a blessing to us all and moulded us into the women we are today. Her Faith and Love for the Lord was very deep. I remember getting my first punishment in Gayaza before even making a week in the school. This was during our first hockey game to which she very clearly told us not to raise our hockey sticks at 180 degrees but keep them at about 45 degrees. So to me who loved Maths this was really clear. Lo and behold one of us who l will not mention swung her stick way up almost knocking me over. I without thinking yelled at her are you mad!! To my surprise l was told to stand aside and watch the rest play not the one who had swung her stick. That was a test of humility. It was a reminder to think before you speak. It was a lesson l will not forget. May her soul rest in Eternal peace.

Gertrude Semujju: Teacher, GHS

Mrs. Gertrude Semujju and Miss. Ann Cutler

Miss. Ann Cutler was my neighbour during my first two years of working at Gayaza high school. I admired her commitment to work as a teacher of Physical Education and CRE/Divinity, time management and love for God and people.  She knew the date of birth of all members of the community and one was assured of a birthday card at least from her. Even after returning to UK we continued to receive the birthday cards including those who were born while she was away.  Besides that, she kept a map of the school and knew who resided where for prayer purposes. She used to pray for every household following the map.

I can’t forget the weekly fellowships (Corner prayers) that would take place in her home. I would enjoy listening to her sweet voice singing her favourite songs like Jesus is Lord, the saints above and singa mbadde ne’biwaawa.

We would read the word of God, enjoy the fellowship and feel the love of Christ.  I thank the Lord for the years I worked with her and the life lessons I picked. I believe she is in a better place having fought a good fight.

Dr. Florence Kasirye: Former BOG Chairperson, GHS

My Tennis Coach! She made me a Women’s Uganda Champion! Sad but we pray that her soul rests in peace.

Barbara Kaggwa: Former Head girl and Teacher, Class84

Barbra Kaggwa

If there was ever one big influence on my life for the reading, study and memorizing of the Bible, it was by Ms. Cutler, alongside Miss. Hobday and through scripture set to Music and Ms. Warren.

Miss. Cutler’s passion to study the Bible using study guides that she freely made available to us, and introducing us to scholars like A.Z Tozer was all the Biblical and Theology study that some of us have lived on. Her diligence to physical exercise and her knack with organising systems and simplifying everything to make it work, was phenomenal. Her booming voice if one was late or in the wrong showed us that love could be tough and orderly too!

She was my class teacher in S.1 in 1984 and taught me until my S.6 A-Levels. I returned to work at Gayaza in 1994 and taught alongside her in the CRE & Divinity Department. After a year of teaching, she made me her ‘boss’ by making me head of the department; a daunting but treasured moment to learn and grow with her still on the team, until I left in 1998.

We watched these ladies pray for each girl in the school, as they went class by class and daily prayed for one-year group, calling out each girl of the three classes in prayer. By the end of the week, they would have prayed for all girls in 6 Streams.

They did this throughout the time we were at school.

We first were introduced to All-night of Prayer’s by these ladies with Ms. Cutler being at the forefront of arranging for these prayers as our Chaplain.

They taught us about the power and person of the Holy Spirit and the privilege and power in Worship.

Miss Cutler was the epitome of passion for God’s word and doing everything to learn and obey.

What a blessing she has been to me.

I know she rests in eternal peace with your LORD and Saviour.

Innocent Ndiko: PTA Vice Chair, GHS, Class84

Innocent Ndiko

We will always remember her for the strong faith in the Lord and the impact she had on all of us in our youth. She has rested and in a better place.

I remember how she used to pronounce our names and allocate us various games.

Her whistle and reading glasses hanging around her neck.

Her short P.E dresses.

The long maxis that she wore over weekends.

Her 1C stood out year after year.

She always walked with her back straight.

The measurements that she took and told us not to be obese.

The country dancing with the radio outside the General Lab.

She used to draw the house work rota.

The discipline that she instilled in us before we boarded the school lorry.

She loved to sing.

Rev. Nkesiga Diana Mirembe Barlow

Rev. Nkesiga Diana Mirembe Barlow, Class73

Miss Cutler arrived in Uganda in 1961 and she met me in a pram under the mango tree when I was barely 2 months old. Everyone remembers her for Scottish dancing but I for so much more,”

I remember her catching us in the chapel broom cupboard having our own first overnight, praying for Uganda in Iddi Amin’s time (1975). We were frightened out of our boots. We waited for weeks to be read out in the punishment book.

For some reason she didn’t and the next term we had our first official overnight at school. We celebrated together as I turned 25 and she was celebrating 25 years in Uganda.

We taught together on the staff and I was her chapel prefect in S6 1979 and assistant chaplain 1983-85. She helped me get into Bishop Tucker Theological College (UCU) through Rev Lee and also attend my wedding. We were neighbours for over 20 years.

She describes Cutler as was a woman of faith and who made boarding school alive and exciting.

We believed she knew every girl’s name and could identify them by their heel. An amazing woman! Thank you, Miss Cutler, for your faith, dedication, and energy.  I believe you are dancing in God’s presence.

Gooreka Okahabwa: Class84

One of those terms in 1C at the end of a Bible exam, Miss Cutler was collecting the papers and Cathy and I started talking. From the other side of the room she said, Be quiet! I guess neither of us heard her and we continued to talk. She promptly sent us to the punishment tree and cancelled our papers. The shame of standing under the punishment tree during exams!! And canceling an exam, which would have been an easy 95! And then she forgot about us with an exam in the afternoon. We finally left but the exams were cancelled with a big zero on the report!! I learnt a big lesson that day and it put in me the fear of Ms. Cutler and the sanctity of exam regulations at Gayaza or anywhere else. I never forgot but I loved Ms. Cutler. I think she forgot about it after a while and luckily, I did well in all the other papers to still do ok. But ho!! A lesson like that one never forgets!! I loved her books too!

Cathy Mwesigwa: Class84

Cathy Mwesigwa

I can never forget my first interaction with Miss Cutler in S1 as she weighed us and took our height. I was 42kgs and she made a comment I cannot remember but I noted my weight for the first time in my life. Then my first PE lesson. We had to jump over a hurdle. While everyone jumped over it, I just couldn’t, however many times I tried. I couldn’t catch the balls or swing the bats right. I got a C in P.E, my worst grade on my school report in S1 and my father, who was a sportsman could just not understand what was hard about PE. In adult life I discovered I had a visual impairment that affected my sight where moving objects were concerned. Anyhow I made up for all these deficiencies with country dancing and my passion for music. I think Ms. Cutler understood and never exposed me to what I couldn’t handle anyone. For some reason I was always in the dancing group. Ms. Cutler, Ms. Hobday and Ms. Warren were a core part of the staff team that prayed for each one of us by name, class list by class list after evening prayers every day.  Miss. Cutler gave me some advice concerning my choice of traditional song for my O level music exam. She was concerned I would pick an ancestral worship song, as many of our songs are, and she didn’t want me to be exposed. At the time I didn’t understand the implications, as an adult I now understand. Who can forget the Bible studies, the Christian books she freely lent from her personal library, the prayer overnights, Christian club…. she has gone to glory, into the arms of Jesus she loved and served. We bless the Lord for such a life of impact.

Druscilla Kisosonkole

Druscilla Kisosonkole

Oh no. So sad. Kitalo nyo. Kitalo nyo.

We thank God for Miss. Cutler, who, with other ladies, dedicated her life to the education of the girl child.

I remember watching out for her and Chiefy from the Corby verandah and running to make it to early mo.

Robina Nazziwa: Old Girl, Class84

Robina Nazziwa

Very sad.

I never did well in Miss. Cutler’s P.E. lessons but I will remember her for teaching me Knitting while I was in S.2. When leaving for my S.4 Vacs, she gave me a bundle of knitting and crocheting needles, thread and a sweater design book as start-up capital. I still have and use those needles today. Knitting is my sideline today.

Kitalo nnyo. May she rest in peace.

Proscovia Ssentongo: Former Teacher, GHS

Proscovia Ssentongo

Ann Cutler was such a strong lady, I do not remember seeing her sick, weak or physically struggling. She was a kind lady who made booties for our babies and remembered to send books on all their birthdays. I cannot forget that Ann gave me my first maternity dress.

Every after service, Ann would say “am going to put the kettle on” then we would all go for tea. We enjoyed the tea!!

Ann prepared a special beef stew on the “Kasikis” for the “bagoles”. I loved it and actually she taught me how to prepare it.

RIP Ann we love you and miss you.

Frank Ssentongo: Former Teacher, GHS.

Strong and dynamic. Ann highly respected the green environment at GHS. RIP.

Hon. Victoria Sekitoleko

Hon. Victoria Sekitoleko

And then she had to deal with “less spotty ” lot! I was one of them. She encouraged me to do hockey.  This may partly explain my obsessions with handles and team work! The hand hoe, politics etc. All shaped me into the person that I am today. Ann, you really finished your work. Rest in eternal peace

Ameri Irene Kimara

She had a heart of gold! She cared for, loved and disciplined us like her own daughters. I am sure she has already heard these words from the Master “Well done, good and faithful daughter”.

Monica Akiki

Monica Akiki

Some of us were irredeemable in sports. But I made peace with her along the way. Rest in peace, Miss Cutler. We honour and love you.


Alice Ruhindi

Alice Ruhindi

Miss Cutler was my PE teacher from the age of 14 yrs. She had a dog called Heidi. To make sure the girls maintained a healthy weight, we got weighed at the start of the term. PE started at 06:30 am. Discipline & self-worth were a must at Gayaza. R.I.P

Dr. Rose Mwebaza

Dr. Rose Mwebaza

She dedicated her life to the service of others. I scored an A in her Divinity class. Rest In Peace Miss. Cutler. May we all never give up being of service to humanity and the next generation of young ladies

Bridget Nassonko

Miss Cutler taught many Gayaza girls that to chew gum in public “like a goat” was not ladylike!

She taught us a lot. RIP Ann Cutler.

Memories of miss Cutler are intrinsic

Amelia Semakula 

Many lessons learnt from her-

?Responsibility as the S1C class teacher, we were not supposed to make noise with our chairs as we stood.

? Starched belts were a must.

?Love of God- reading the bible on my own and having quiet time, l loved her bible studies

?Exercise- l loved the early Mo, badminton and rounders

I remember her singing, “the saints above” and now she is singing with them.

Sarah Magaya: Teacher, Class78

Sarah Luganda Magaya

She knew nearly every student by name, this made you very alert knowing that she would call you from behind very amazing.

Very loving and generous, she always gave birthday gifts to my children and went an extra mile to teach me how to handle the little ones when I felt irritated.

Time management was key, if you desired her screaming voice dare be late.

She was a cocktail of personality all you needed was to do the right thing at the right time and place.

I was a “Kivite” but you would Hear her lights out scream

‘lights out!!!!!! Girls!!!!!

Very God fearing we learned a memory verse every week after Bible study I still remember the verses to date. This has contributed greatly to what and who I am one of the verses

Phillipians 1:6 He who started the good work in you will bring it to completion”.

Your love will remain in our hearts may God enable us to emulate the good we learned from you Fellow Hamite

Rest in Peace

Alice Kabwama, Former Teacher, Class79

Alice Kabwama during her student life at GHS

Miss. Cutler taught me very many things;

She taught me about God. You always had to respect God. In the S.1 Bible exam, you would lose lots of marks when you wrote your essay and wrote the first letter of the words God, Lord and Jesus Christ with a small letter.

She was very generous. After my S.6 she gave me a godly book.

She taught to read Christian literature.

She taught me to be careful in my Christian walk as a teacher and to do something for God.

She taught me P.E, introduced me to many games like badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Netball, rounders, country dancing.

Had jigsaw puzzles.

She was a very good house Mistress of Ham and Apollo.

She would lead praises in chapel and raise her hands.

She was a very strict disciplinarian.

Nina Mbabazi-Rukikaire

Nina Mbabazi Rukikaire

I thank God for her life. I know she is in heaven receiving her reward. May the Lord help all of us to love Him and do something for Him before we go.

I remember waking up before the Sun came out to do some early morning Scottish dancing as part of our Physical Education regiment. We girls called it “Early Mo”. She would tell me to put more effort into it since clearly I was not exactly excited about jumping around as a Scots Woman.

Then she pushed me to play tennis, badminton, table tennis and hockey in that very field where she is standing. I loved hockey. It reminded me of ice hockey in Sweden.

She sent us to national tennis tournaments which I thought were fun and we ate chicken packed in a tin like World War 2 soldiers while at the Lugogo Tennis Grounds.

Then there was bible study for the Church confirmation in S3. I loved going to her house but didn’t like her overly friendly dog that was by her side always. Ms Cutler was a devout Christian with a very sharp memory. She knew I was a Reverend’s granddaughter having taught my Mum’s sisters many decades before but perhaps I wasn’t as knowledgeable about the Bible as my aunties.

Then she would always meet me walking to my dormitory (Corby) and shouting out to my friends to do something or another and she would say; “Ms Mbabazi, this is not Kigezi where you have to communicate from one hill to another by shouting!”? and she would add, “if only you could be like your aunties and your sister. Nobody talks at the top of their voice like you!”

And I would burst out laughing rather than feeling rebuked. Those were the moments when she made me very happy.

Basically, all my memories of her are positive memories. Finally she has gone to be with her Maker, Her Almighty God whom she worshiped unreservedly. Rest In Peace Ms Cutler. You will always be loved and missed.

Miss. Cutler during P.E

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  1. Samantha Mukisa (student 1988-1991)

    I joined Gayaza in S1 (1988) and left in S4 (1991). My fond memories of Miss Cutler involve Scottish dancing, lawn tennis and hockey! Miss Cutler was a brilliant PE teacher! I also remember, when I wrote to Ms Warren after arriving in UK in the 2000s, she replied saying that Miss Cultler had remembered my name! It made me feel love and so special. Because it was such a long time. Rest in peace Ms Cutler

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