Day 17-18: Community Education Garden

The rate of activities in our garden has gone low because of the hot weather we are experiencing. We cannot put any new seedlings in the ground since our greatest challenge is now water. The children are continuing to develop their love for the gardens and are enjoying every single bit of their time. Yesterday we embarked on our drama activities where we are role playing our garden activities in music and dance. Our volunteer-Penina Amulen a former music student at Gayaza High School is mentoring the children with a lot of passion and we pray that God blesses her hands.




The beat of the drums sounded warrior like as if we were mobilizing the whole community against hunger and poverty. This is our ultimate goal but we want to package it well so that even the last person can get the message loud and clear.



It has just stopped raining here at my school but not 200m from here where our garden is! Continue praying the rain is getting closer and closer.


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