Cooking Porridge For Pupils In A Nearby Primary School

The feed the child project was fueled by the desire to use the water we receive from the community and turn it into food which we would give back to those that so willingly provide us with precious water. Therefore, one acre of maize was planted, and it produced 500 kilograms of maize flour. This flour together with the sugar collected from the students will be used to provide a meal of porridge to the children of Gayaza Church of Uganda Primary School, Kadongo .This is a school where students of Gayaza High School go to teach mathematics weekly, but unfortunately we always find the children hungry because most of them barely ever have lunch. It is saddening to teach someone who is so willing to learn but cannot do so effectively because they are on an empty stomach. The first meal was served, and the joy on those faces was both touching and fulfilling. It is not a one-day thing though, we will continue to prepare porridge for the children once a week for the whole of this year and even plant more maize. In this way, we will continue to give back the water we get, and at times even waste.
The students that participated in this part of the project were very happy; and they also learnt from it. They learnt to care more for others and the community, appreciation, awareness of the community and giving back to those that help you, among others.


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