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Cox formerly called (Tulip Tree) is quite modern and is one of the two newest dormitories, built to house the rapid increase in numbers when triple streams started.

Name – Cox
Alias – Tulip Tress
Occupants – Coxites
Capacity – 60 students
Color – Maroon


Welcome to the captivating world of Cox dormitory – named after Joan Cox who was Headmistress of Gayaza High School for 22 years.

By the early 1970s, most of the modern buildings had been added to the school during Cox’s leadership. Cox house (formerly Tulip Tree) and Kivebulaya (formerly Canna Lily) were constructed with funds from The World Bank around 1970.

Due to space shortage, students from Cox and Kivebulaya dormitories have traditionally been distributed to other houses when they return for A-level. Today residents of this house are known as “Coxites” and their house theme colour is Maroon.

As an esteemed symbol of excellence, Cox House has become a cherished home for students seeking solace and camaraderie. However, due to the pressing need for accommodation, students from Cox House and Kivebulaya are traditionally embraced by other houses upon their return for A-level studies. This tradition of unity and cooperation fosters a sense of community that transcends the boundaries of any single dormitory.

Today, the spirited residents of Cox House proudly bear the name “Coxites,” symbolising their connection to the dormitory’s illustrious heritage. Embracing the vibrant hue of maroon, their house theme colour, they radiate a sense of passion, unity, and ambition. Anchored by their powerful motto, “Spirit of Oneness,” they strive to create an environment where every individual feels valued, supported, and included.

Step into the embrace of Cox House, and you’ll discover a tapestry of shared experiences, laughter, and growth. This dormitory embodies the spirit of its namesake, Joan Cox, and serves as a beacon of unity, inspiration, and lifelong connections. As Coxites forge ahead, they continue to write their unique chapter in the extraordinary legacy of Gayaza High School.

Cox, spirit of oneness and goodness
The joy our pride
Cox, loving and cherishing the dream we hold before our eyes
The will of grace and love of embrace
And the acceptance of change

Cox, hygiene and cleanliness we treasure our soul
Cox, sporting ability and academic excellence
The friendly smiles and warmth of our hearts
And the lovers of peace
The house of all the greatest of all
And the home of all that we are
The house of the radiant ones
The home of a confident star
The home of a confident star
Facilities & Amenities
2013 – GAPA Winner
2015 – Sports Winner
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